Environmental Policy

Ercol Furniture Ltd is an industry leader in heritage furniture design and manufacturing, and has used predominantly wood based supplies for the past 100 years. We strive to deliver quality products directed by our values, with a focus on continuously working towards environmental excellence.

We engage with our staff and supply chains for the benefit of stakeholders in the wider community and environment. It is important to us to acknowledge the social, economic and environmental impact of our business in everything we do, and this policy reflects our commitment to ensuring that sustainability and environmental impacts are considered throughout our commercial decisions.

Below are the ongoing environmental commitments of Ercol Furniture Ltd:

  • Ercol will comply with relevant environmental legislations for which they are in scope.
  • To work to minimise our three key environmental impacts, that of; timber usage, carbon generation along our supply chain and packaging waste creation.
  • Offer relevant training and development to employees, supporting our teams to be skilled, engaged and competent – to help ensure the sustainable, legal and efficient maintenance of our business.
  • Engage locally with civic projects and communities in which we work, both through specific project engagement and through company-led initiatives.
  • To prevent unnecessary pollution in the form of carbon emissions and waste to landfill.
  • Improve resource efficiency and reduce carbon emissions throughout the whole supply chain from conception and design, through to production.
  • Encourage ideas and innovation, internally and within our supply chain, that can create financial, material and energy savings, to benefit our customers, society and the environment.
  • To engage with our tier 1 suppliers, and work with them where possible to improve sustainable and ethical practices. We will also expect them to conduct similar practices on their upstream suppliers.
  • Actively pursue environmental, quality and ethical accreditations for the business and our products where feasible, to verify any claims we are making.
  • To do all that is reasonably practicable to foment a safe and safety conscious working environment, and satisfy our statutory workplace safety obligations.
  • Commit to measuring our impact through Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality data, employee engagement surveys.

This policy will be reviewed annually, and be adapted if changes to the company occur.

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